About the NTUA LFSMS Laboratory


LFSMS aims in covering educational and research activities of the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, NTUA, in the fields of analysis and design of marine structures, among with the analysis and optimal design of mooring systems and slender marine structures with applications to:

- Offshore structures for the exploration, production and storage of hydrocarbons in the marine environment (Semi-submersibles, TLP’s, Articulated Towers, Interconnected structures, Spar Buoys, etc.)
- Mooring Systems for offshore applications
- Slender Marine Structures and flow lines for the transportation of oil and gas
- Marine structures for the environmental protection (e.g. floating or submerged wave breakers, floating booms for the oil spill protection, etc.)
- Aquacultures in the open sea (e.g. fishing cages’ design, mooring systems, etc.), touristic infrastructures (e.g. floating marinas, ports, etc.)
- Systems for the offshore wind and wave exploitation (wave energy converters: design and efficiency assessment; floating wind turbines and wind parks; design of multi-purpose floating structures for wind and wave energy sources exploitation)   

The main scientific areas of the LFSMS Laboratory address the following subjects:

- Linear and Non-Linear Hydrodynamic Analysis of Offshore Structures (Diffraction, Radiation, Exciting Loads and Motions using panel and analytical methods)
- Static and dynamic analysis and design of mooring systems
- Hydomechanic analysis of single or interconnected moored structures in frequency and time domain
- Linear and Non – linear dynamics of marine risers and slender marine structures
- Wave Energy
- Converters’ analysis and efficiency evaluation (heaving devices, OWC’s concepts).
- Floating Structures Applications (Floating Wind Turbine analysis and design, Fishing Farms)
- Analysis and design of oceanographic surface buoys and underwater gliders
- Wave propagation in harbors and motions of moored ships in harbors


School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, N.T.U.A.
Building Λ, Zografos Campus
Iroon Polytechniou 9


Secretariat: E. Kaloutsa 
Tel: +30 210 7722872
Fax: +30 210 7721412
e-mail: ekaloutsa@naval.ntua.gr


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