Professor Chatjigeorgiou is the Vice Rector of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), responsible for ‘Research and Life-Long Education’, since October 2019. He is a graduate from the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering of NTUA. He received his Diploma (Dipl.-Eng.) in 1990 and was awarded his PhD in 1997. After working in the industry for 4 years, he joined the faculty of NTUA’s School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in 2001. He passed through all academic ranks until he was elected Full Professor in August 2016.

Professor Chatjigeorgiou research interests include hydrodynamical fluid-structure interaction problems, analytical hydrodynamics with applications to violent slamming phenomena and structural nonlinear dynamics with applications to marine structures.


Undergraduate program

  • Dynamics of Marine Structures (compulsory 6th semester)
  • ​Mooring Systems for Floating Structures (elective 9th semester)
  • Health and Safety in Shipbuilding (elective 8th semester)

Postgraduate program

  • Environmental conditions and loading on offshore structures (1st semester)
  • Hydromechanic analysis and design of moored floating structures (2nd semester)
  • Dynamic behaviour of floating structures (2nd semester)